The Woman in White

The Woman in White

Ahhh the woman in white, who is she? What does she want? Why is she appearing to Ian? Is she an Obeah woman? Is she a Demon? Is she a good spirit come to save him? Does she want Ian’s soul. Hmmmm, I guess you will have to keep reading, right me friends. Next installment of La Diablesse on Sunday, tune in. To see the installments go to categories and click, La Diablesse the novel.

From the novel La Diablesse

“Eat, you will need you energy!” she shouted. I did not move me fists clinched in a tight ball.  She looked at me smiling,

“What, don’t you trust me don’t you want to eat something?” The other La Diablesse standing behind she snickered she eyes flashing with twisted joy. She went to the Alter moving with such grace she seemed almost human, picked up the silver tray and glided towards me tray extended, it was covered with a lid that looked like a half moon kind of frigging gentile for theses beasts

“Come on my friend, this meal is you last supper, just like the one I got right before those French colonists took me to the gallows and hung me for running for my freedom.  I feel your fear, I understand that tightening in the chest, and your heart racing so fast it feels like it would explode in your face, that dryness in your mouth even though you are sweating a river. The best part is right before death, your heart races up as if trying to pump life into your dying body. I remember that night in my dreams every damn day, the faces of those rich devils as they laughed and sang because the uncivilized bitch was about die the sound of the crowd when they paraded me through the streets, the rocks that came out of the dark hitting me in the head the screaming women who were the wives of plantation owners who forced me to be their mistress. But I had the last laugh, because I died and found my freedom. So be a man, free yourself from your mental slavery, eat this last meal so you will have the strength to go onto the other side.” 

She stepped towards me the tray outstretched in front of she. I braced meself as she stopped just in front me and lifted the cover on the tray, sitting on it was a manique, blood ran out of its mouth of the rat like rodent and the damn thing was still twitching not yet dead I almost threw up, I mean the bloody thing stunk like hell. I stepped back in horror and turned me head, she attacked at that moment grabbing the half dead rodent and shoved it into me mouth. I gagged as the fowl smell of the dying animal permeated the air. I kicked at she and me foot slammed against she stomach, she fell backwards laughing, she eyes rolling round in they sockets. I caught the rodent before it hit the ground and attempted to throw it at she but in a last ditch effort to retaliate against its killers the smelly little beast bit into me hand, its teeth clamping down on me flesh like a vice grip, the last breath of life seeped out of its body and it went limp. I swung me hand round frantically and the rodent flew into the air landing at Christine’s feet.

Who is the Bokor

Bokors are featured in many Haitian tales and are often associated with the creation of ‘zombies’ by the use of a deadening brew or potion usually containing poison extracted from puffer fish. This potion makes the drinker appear to be dead and thus he is often buried; later, the bokor will return for the “corpse” and force it to do his bidding, such as manual labor. The “corpse” is often given deliriant drugs, mainly datura, which puts them in a detached, somewhat dreamlike state. Its state is likened to being mind controlled. The person is alive but in a state where they cannot control what they say or do; at this point, when the person has been “reanimated” from the grave, or at least is moving about working for the bokor, they can be termed “zombies.” However, some legends dispense with this more rational explanation, and have the bokor raise zombies from dead bodies whose souls have departed.

Also, bokors are said to work with zombi/zombie astrals – souls or spirits which are captured in a fetish and made to enhance the Bokor’s power. Bokors normally work with Loas Baron Samedi, Kalfou, Legba and Simbi (snake loa) plus in some cases they are said to work with Grand Bois, the loa of the forest.

Bokors are similar to the “root workers” of voodoo and New Orleans voodoo. Some may be priests of a vodou house. Bokor are usually chosen from birth, those who are believed to bear a great ashe (power). A Bokor can be, by worldy terms, good or evil, though some sources (Judeo-Christian) consider him an evil version of a houngan.


Papa Ghede is supposed to be the corpse of the first man who ever died. He is recognized as a short, dark man with a high hat on his head, who likes to smoke cheap cigars and eat apples. Papa Ghede is a psychopomp who waits at the crossroads to take souls into the afterlife. He is considered the good counterpart to Baron Samedi.