Ahhhh I don’t want to wake up
This anger feels good
Feels like a shooting start is bouncing around in me
Looking for a way out
It is circled with fire and ice
Feels like a Chinese carnival
Dragon hissing steam instead of fire
Voodoo meeting without dancers
Just drum beats pulsating
A rainbow with one colour
Bright orange vibrating
Love with too much passion
Flashes of darkness
Raindrops of tropical colours
But alas I must wake up
Let the colours dissipate
Uninvited reality takes its place

Afternoon Snack

Ohhh what is a tropical boy to eat for a snack on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hmmmm, nothing store bought, no chocolate, no candy, I want something really sweet but natural. Ohhh te choices, Mangoes, plumbs, mammie apples, bananas, skinups, oh man, what shall I have. I stood at the back door looking out at the garden, that’s when it hit me, Sugar Apples, yes, that’s sweet real sweet. I ran out to the tree, oh yes, luckily there was some rip ones on the branches. I picked a couple, sit down under the shade of the tree and bit into one.  Ohh the creamy goodness, like nature had grown ice-cream straight out of the ground.  Yes, yes, this is the life.

Simple Sunday

Some Sundays, Mommie Charles just kept the feast simple. Ahhh yes, simple but still a delight to the taste buds. Something easy like this plate of stew chicken, yes, all the season in there, pepper, chives, thyme, onions, garlic, a dash of salt, tomatoes added, green peppers. Yes I tell you. Boiled green figs (bananas) and plantains. Ahhhh yes, then all that was left to do is fix a plate, take it to the veranda, go back into the living room and turn on the radio, find some nice soft music, head back outside. Now the trick to give the provisions a final zesty taste is to sprinkle the gravy from the chicken on it. Ohhhh the  party that is going on in your mouth.   Only Mommy Charles can make the simplest meal fit for a boy.

Sunday Walk

Ahhh yes, the sun is beating down on the earth, that tropical breeze is whistling through the trees, powder puff clouds floating across the sky, its nice and quiet. Hmmm, I think its a great time to take a walk. Through the flower garden, in between the bougainvillea plants, past the hibiscus trees. Yes man, when the scent of one blossom fades, it is replaced by another. Walk through the knee high grass, through the mass of butterflies fluttering around, past the plum trees, past the mango tree, under the bird’s nest hanging from the branch of the soursop tree. Now I can hear the ocean, the flock of seagulls diving for their food. Down to the edge of the cliff, find my favorite to sit on. Ahhh yes, that cool sea breeze tickles my skin. So I will sit here, feeling the heat of the sun, then the relief of the cool breeze and watch the emerald ocean, the white clouds performing a theatrical masterpiece against the blue skies. Small boats lazily gliding by, flying fish popping out of the ocean. Yes, its Sunday, peace day on the island.

Road Trip, nahh Tropical Food trip

Ahhh yes, some Jamaican eating, yes man, plenty ah good eating can be had in Jam Rock. Ohhhh lets try up the national dish. We could go up in country, oh dally down to Kingston town, but you must try some of that Ackee and Salfish. Tonight, maybe you can have some rice and fried plantain with it too. Ohhh yes some sweet, sweet Jamdung eating in the place.

Upside Down

One day, when a rainstorm is about to burst out of the silver gray sky. I will walk down to the beach, step into the ocean and swim out, the tropical rain forest disappearing in the mist behind me. I will dive down to the ocean’s bed, lay on my back and look up at the rain crashing into the ocean’s surface. Watch the small ripples merge into one flowing wave, marvel at the traffic of tropical fish and mammals floating by above me. Maybe I will see this world differently if I see it from the bottom up.