This Sunday, Tune in for another Installment of OBEAH

Waigt one second, wait one second. What is Kwao, making a play for Akosua. Pa Pa Jumbie is intrigued. Could this cause a riff between the tribe, will there be a duel between Kwao and Adofo. Hmmmmmmm., I guess you will have to keep tuning in to see now wouldn’t you. Pa Pa Jumbie is not giving away any spoilers. Or you can get the complete book at:

Ohhhh, the surprises that is in store for you!!!!!! Be aware, cause Pa Pa Jumbie says so!!!!

Revolution of the Canine Bitches

“Hey babe waz up?”

“Nothing, just taking a walk.”

‘And a nice walk it is, he he he he.”

“You can’t afford it.”


“Can I ask you something?”

“Shoot foxy mama.”

“Why do humans call each other bitch, I mean bitch this, bitch that. They even call their men bitches. As if its an insult to be a bitch. I a bitch and proud of it and am a bad bitch too.”

“You know thats right bitch!”

“Damn humans, they think they superior because they have arms, I am more classy than any damn human. I mean sometime, they put dresses on me, boots, I mean for Christ sake give a bitch a break here. Why they trying to make me human?

“Who is Christ?”

“I don’t know, they don’t let me in churches, no bitches allowed they say. Well they better be careful, cause one of these day, BAM, a bitch revolution, then we will see who lives in the dog house.”

Thats what am talking bout.”

“Well damn, she pulling me again, I guess I better hurry up and use that patch of grass. I sometimes hold it so we walk longer, I think she wising up to that,”

“Well see you later girl. Hey, POWER TO THE BITCHES!!!!!

Ahhh Caribbean story telling

One of the reasons why I got into story telling, this man right here. I remember sitting in front of the transistor radio in the early evening, listening to him tell his stories, laughing for so, I mean this man is funny and he told a real good story.