Sitting in the Shade

Ahh yes, Saturday, a great day to sit in the shade and watch the small fishing boats go by. A great day to just relax and watch the children playing cricket, splashing clear ocean water as they run. A great day to feel the hot sun that seeps through the leaves of the tree. Watch the fisherman put a fresh coat of bright coloured paint on his boat, his pride and joy. Watch his young son mend the fishing nets, preparing form the day when they can go out again.  Watch the Rastamen walk by their black locks glistening in the sun. The lingering scent of ganja, the melody of they lingo. Ahhh yes, it is Saturday afternoon, beach time, do nothing, just watch the world go by.

The First Day

Ahhhh Sunday Morn, lay back watch the sail boat bobbing on the emerald ocean. Daydream about laying on the vanilla cotton candy clouds. Floating across the cool-aid blue nothingness. The gentle crunch of the golden sand against your back. The scent of the breach grapes in the tree hanging over you. The warm tickle of the early morning sun against your cool skin. Yes man, the feeling of the first day, peaceful. The best way to star

Good Marning Neighbourooooooo

Yes man, wake up and look out me window. The ocean is rolling in on the sand , white foam disappear as it rolls back out to sea. A mild warm wind shook the cocoanut tree cause dried cocoanuts to fall hitting the ground with a dull thud. I stepped onto the gold green grass, it is soft and already warm from the early morning sun. Walked down to the water and stood there for a second watching the school of colourful fish swim by.

Walk on Sunset

I want to walk on golden water, across the gentle waters. Walk by the contours of the land, where the coconut trees stand tall against the orange sky. Set my nature’s built in compass out to sea, guarded by the dolphins gliding along around me. Walk until the land is a  memory faded in past moments, stand before the sun, a mere man, at the end of civilization, give homage to the evolution of time and space.

Floating Away

Ahhh Saturday, a good day to walk to the beach, stand and watch the vast emerald paradise. Dive into the ocean, float on your back. Fell the sea tickle your skin, a contrast to the tropical sun beating down on you. Watch the glitter of small fishes in the corner of your eyes as they swim by you. Fell the gently spray cool against you face as your move a little. Smell the salt in the air. Listen to the calypso playing in your head. Daydream that you are floating in outer space. Ahhh yes, another Saturday to relax and let the tropical world hug you, warm, yet cool, exciting, yet calming.

Good Marning me fellow Beach Bums

Monday is still beach day. Don’t you want to feel the cool, tropical ocean hug you this marning. Ohhh yes, don’t deny. You want to feel your feel sink into that white sand. Fell the sun one your skin, taste that early morning mango juice. Hear someone playing a steel drum across the bay. Hear the chatter and laughter of school children walking to school. Oh yes, you can tell me you don’t, I just will not believe you. Now go on, wake up and live.