Obeah Tomorrow Tune in

Ahhhh, Looks like someone, or something is stalking the Akans. Who is it, will they attack, or will they wait until they retrieve the Sword of Salt and then take it from them. Tune in tomorrow, Sunday, as the story continues. Pa Pa Jumbie is looking forward to seeing you.

From Obeah

That night the whole village went to the clearing just outside the village. The drummers played, their hands moving so fast they were a blur in the limited light. The villagers were all still wore white, and the tables were decorated with white flowers. A white cloth draped over the table all the way to the ground making the edges of it turn dark with the dirt. Henry stood over the table for a while. There was cornmeal, olive oil, champagne, and white wine, powdered sugar, rice and eggs. The drummers were sweating in the hot tropical night; some had their eyes closed, as if envisioning their own movements. The villagers sang, their voices carried into the jungle on the warm breeze that swept through the clearing. Henry walked through the sea of white and positioned himself where he would have a good view of the service. Adofo, Kwao, Donkor and Ampah stood next to the drummers. Ampah and Kwao wore white shirts and white cut off pants. Adofo and Donkor were bare chested, but both wore white cut off pants. They were singing and clapping their hands in time with the drumbeat

The Villagers formed a circle, they moved, some going clockwise, while other went anti clockwise, but they somehow did not bump into each other. Akosua danced into the circle. She wore a white flowing dress and had a turban wrapped around her head. She had a rattle in her hand that Henry saw in her hut some time back. She called it Aron; it was what Mambos used for healing. She danced to the middle of the circle, and held up two white chickens. She swung them around, feathers floated into the air and slowly fell to the ground. She handed the chickens to Adofo and continued dancing. She hissed like a snake, and the villagers echoed the sound. Akosua’s dancing became more erratic, her arms flailed, her body twisted.. Then she bent over at the waist and jerked as if she was going to throw up. Then she stood up straight, her eyes rolled back in her head, her whole body shook, at first it was barely visible, but soon she shook violently. The villagers danced, their movement became wilder, and their bare feet hit the ground, sending dust clouds into the air. Henry moved closer. Suddenly Akosua stood motionless looking up into the sky. There were no stars, just endless black.

“Obatala give us wisdom and knowledge so we can bring common understanding with our friends the Bokors. Please accept them back as who they are Hougans.” She said her voice raspy, and she jerked when she spoke. Suddenly she began to spin around, her arm stretched out at her side. The drummers played faster, the villagers chanted, their voices drowning the noise of the jungle. Akosua stopped spinning and spoke. This time her voice was baritone almost like a man.

“Treasures await those who live the righteous life. Understanding is the key to peaceful existence.” She hissed as she spoke making it hard to understand her.

“What is happening to her?” Henry asked a woman next to him,

“Obatala is speaking through her,” the young woman responded,

“Go on your journey be patient and you will be granted freedom.” Akosua said, and then she danced, twisting her body, her eyes rolled around in her head. Some of the dancers fell to the ground, twisting and rolling, their white clothes turned dark from the dirt. Akosua stopped dancing, and her jerks and twists turned into a graceful glide, as she moved around the circle. She stopped and spoke, but this time it was the voice of a woman.

“I grant you health and good will on your journey. Have faith and your enemies will not destroy you. Go with love and we will always be with you.”

“Its Yemaya,” the woman said before Henry could ask. Akosua danced around the circle. She looked like she floated above the ground as she moved with the grace of a ballerina. Suddenly she stopped, opened her mouth, a bellow of mist came out that turned into a thick fog. Yemaya danced around her for what felt like a long time then the Loa turned and floated towards the jungle crying. Suddenly the skies lit up with stars, fireflies hovered over the trees, and the jungle came alive with glittering light. Akosua moved to the slow rhythm of the drums. Some of the dancers touched her as they danced, then they fell to the ground twitching. The drummers played faster, the villagers danced and chanted. For the first time, Henry felt the drumbeat. His body twitched, and his hands jerked. Akosua danced over to Henry and took his hands a rush of heat went through his body as she spun him around. The dancers around became a blue and Henry did not feel like himself.