Such is love

Walking in a torrential downpour of fire

Carried away by an arctic undertow

Walking on dry land with muddy feet

Falling asleep in your dreams

Sleeping to escape your nightmares

Leaping with faith crash landing on reality

Falling in love, but only fell into hate

Following the heart, but the heart took a wrong turn.

Where War Lives

In the crevices of a consciences

In the hearts of foolish men

In the trigger fingers of uncertainty

In the boots of frightened young men

In fields of foxholes

In a humanity afraid of what is different

In the souls of the uninformed

In history repeating

In the eyes of the beholder

In broken dreams

In the mouth of sooth Sayers

In promises kept and broken

In the lives of the less fortunate


The ocean without salt

Air without oxygen

A ballerina without toes

Ice cream without the cream

Love without the passion

Sleep without rest

War without hate

Politics without the lies

Religion without spirituality

laughter without happiness

serenity without peace

A heart without a heartbeat

Everything with nothing



Bring on the Fog (October 27th 1983)

So once again the darkness have besieged me

Ahhh, I can wallow in my depression

Sweat fog embrace me, make me whole

Shower me with delightful drops of uncertainty

Make my heart race with the anticipation of nothingness

No feeling, no questioning, guide me to that dull peace

Make me tingle with emotionless excitement

My heart beating, its thumping so faint a doctor could not find it

Now I am there, lying on a black rain cloud

Riding on a shooting star whose light went out millions of years ago.

Looking down on an earth without its blue glow

Daydreaming about sunshine, bright colours and cotton candy

I must wake up, but I can’t, it’s too peaceful here

Too comforting to my soul


Your voice is like a cold wind on my exposed heart
It plunges through me like Brutus’ dagger
Your words settles in my soul like hot syrup
They run through my veins like ragweed porcupines
Your stare penetrates my being like I was a hollow man
You shut me out like a priest shuts out the devil
But yet, you have my soul, It hover over you like a guardian angel
It attempts to protect you from the world, from yourself
And still you don’t acknowledge me


Love is a joke, so throw your head back and laugh
She built a wall around her so she can not be touched
Don’t be fooled by false sincerity and echoing promises
Love is a sky of stars that falls on you, crushing you
Don’t hold your breath, love is a woman with a forked tongue
Do not let her see your soul, she will be afraid of you
Wear your heart on your head like a crown of thorns
I wish I could just go to sleep

Run Boi Run

Run Boi Run

I ran through de forest, me legs churning, me heart racing for so. Beads ah sweat rolled dung me face, me shirt stuck to me back. I was moving as fast as me skinny fourteen year old legs could take me. I hurdled some bushes, butterflies fluttered into the air, I disturbed dey Sunday simmer dung session. I ran through Miss Mabel yard, she dog took off after me, bloody mutt, dat mangy beast coulda get a good kick in he mouth. I hurdled the fence in she back yard, de wooden structure cracked and popped under me weight. I ran up the steep hill, dung the other side, sending rocks and stones propelling dung the hill. Burst through the wroth iron gate, through the drawing room, into the dining room and stopped. There is was, a full plate of food. Macaroni pie, stewed chicken, rice and peas, and callaloo, me favorite, yes man, me most favorite lunch. I closed me eyes and took a deep breath, oh the smell went through me nostrils and hit me in de back ah me head, I almost fell over. “Go wash yuh han nah boi,” Mommy Charles said. I opened me eyes as she was laying a glass of Passion fruit juice next to the plate ah food, “Ok Mamie,” I said and walked out the back door. I would run a thousand miles for Mommy Charles cooking.