Bread Pudding with Nutmeg syrup Photo from JAB JAB is WE Grenadian Ting

This morning I woke up and felt the cold air against my nose sending chills through my whole body.  Then I dozed off and somewhere between the shadows of slumber and consciousness, I smelled it, an aroma that evolved into a think mist right under my nose. A mixture of fresh homemade bread and nutmeg. In my subconscious start, I knew I ave smelled that before. Then in the back ground, i heard mommy Charles singing. I took a deep breath, and the mist disappeared into my nose and that is when I realize what it was. It was the enticing scent of Mommy Charles’ famous bread pudding.  I sat up in bed, looked around, see the mist on the window pane from the heat inside and the freezing cold outside. The scent of the bread pudding lingering around me.

Ahhhh Daydream moment

Ahhh yes I have traveled this road many of times. It goes from the north of the island where my Father is from through the center of the island where my mother is from to the city where I was born. Go ahead on this cold day daydream you are drivi8nbg through this tropical highway.

Dive In

Ahhh yeah man, jump in dey nah, let de ocean hug yuh like a lover on one ah dem frigid winter days. Like sipping  some cocoa tea in front a wood burning fyah. Standing in front of a fyah pit wid a cold drink in yuh hand. Sitting on yuh porch on a warm summer day. Drinking hot tea and feeling its warmth course through yuh. Standing in yuh kitchen while baking home made bread. Yeah man, dive in, even if it is in yuh imagination and ting.

The Bianca C Still Burns BY Dunber Campbell

My new novel, “The Bianca C Still Burns” will be available on Amazon in time for Christmas!!“

“The Italian liner Bianca C still blazed furiously” (Associated Press, Grenada, 23 Oct 1961)

On a sunny morning in 1961, an explosion aboard Bianca C, the Italian luxury cruise liner anchored offshore the Caribbean island of Grenada, quickly engulfed the ship in raging fire that endangered hundreds of its passengers. The local people rushed to the rescue on a frantic flotilla of sailboats, motorboats, and rowboats, saving everyone still alive on the blazing ship before it sank. The Grenada people opened their schools, homes, and hearts to the stranded passengers until their safe return to Italy.

Twenty-two years later, the Bianca C’s owner, Mario Costa, returns to the island and to the people who had rescued him, his passengers, and crew. Now divorced and despondent, he hires a local diver, Storm Butler, to help him plan a secret dive to the ship.

Storm, a former U.S. Marine who has returned to his homeland to open a scuba diving business, is concerned that there is more to Mario than meets the eye. Even more disturbing, the timing for a Bianca C dive is bad. And dangerous.

Grenada’s military commander, Colonel Reds, is planning to take over the island with Russian complicity. He has a deadly reputation and is deeply suspicious that Mario’s mysterious plans might disrupt his political ambitions.

Complicating matters further, CIA agents infiltrate the island and attempt to recruit Mario and Storm in their own covert plans for the Bianca C.

In the midst of spreading conspiracies and betrayals, Storm’s sister is murdered and his grieving mother breaks her silence about the day the Bianca C came to Grenada and never left.

My mother told me stories about this incident, now i get to read about. Looking forward to this book.