Ahhhh I don’t want to wake up
This anger feels good
Feels like a shooting start is bouncing around in me
Looking for a way out
It is circled with fire and ice
Feels like a Chinese carnival
Dragon hissing steam instead of fire
Voodoo meeting without dancers
Just drum beats pulsating
A rainbow with one colour
Bright orange vibrating
Love with too much passion
Flashes of darkness
Raindrops of tropical colours
But alas I must wake up
Let the colours dissipate
Uninvited reality takes its place

Lady at the End of a Rainbow

I found her standing at the end of a rainbow

Her black hair satiated with colours

Her skin glistened with small drops of rain

A tropical blue dress clung to her

Waves washed ashore covering her feet

And when the waves retreated

Fallen colours seeped through her toes

Her arms raised above her head

Mouth open, tasting the drizzle

Time did not stop

Though I wished it would

She turned and looked at me

Her Smokey grey eyes smiled

I started to say something

But she turned and ran off

And I watched her dissolved into the greyblue storm

Fade from Green

Its that time of the year, when the world of green gives way to constant colour, where there is no sharp edges, one colour blends into another, creating a whole different shade where they merge. And the air feels like you have just eaten a piece of winter fresh gum. These colours, they make up for the lack of summer sunshine, these colours makes you feel like you are walking in sunshine. Its the time when you hear the fist Christmas carols, When the sent of Thanks Giving meals permeate the air, and Granny is hustling to get the Christmas shopping done, buying things I know we will never use. Ahh yes, fall is like fools gold, something to remember when you are tracking through snow, with frozen noses and almost frost bitten fingers. Ahhh yes, site back and watch the world fade into fall colours.



From the ocean looking, lights bounce off the dark water, like a rainbow exploded against the night sky, like god spit millions of skittles on the island, like natures own parade of the bands on carnival day, making shadows dance against the blue purple skies, each colour as beautiful as a note on a steel drum.