Trailer for La Diablesse

“La Dibless go get me, Obeah could help me. Dat is nutton but pure fantasy.” That is what Ian Dickens thought until one night the devil women glided into his yard and seduced him. Now hr has to fight his way to freedom, but how? These women were not from the world he was from. They were like jumbies, half dead, half living. He did not know how, but he will escape. He had the love of Jane waiting for him in the real world.

The response from My brother

So here is the response from my brother how evil is this, I am up here freezing my tropical bum off and he is sending this ha haha. Taken this morning on the island of Grenada. Shot from his verandah overlooking this village.

Trialer for Obeah

The novel Obeah