28th Installment of La Diablesse

The week came and went and there was no sign of the woman in white I mean I did not venture to sit at the window, if that woman wanted to get me she would have to come into the house. Jane kept a watchful eye on me, man, it felt kind of good having someone fuss over me like that. I did not know if she believed that I saw anything but she knew something had happened, I mean she even call the school a couple of times just to make sure I was all right. I tried to keep me cool so as not to not worry she, but I was not getting any sleep and the fact that the island was changing so fast round me was not helping any. Still I tried to maintain some kind of normalcy, I got more and more involved with the revolution just so I could keep from thinking bout the woman in white and it worked because I started to sleep better and the days went by a lot smoother.

A few weeks went by and one Friday night after a hard day at the school I found meself sitting at me desk at home looking at a stack of test papers, I could not bring meself to grading them so I got up and walked over to the window, it was the first time I looked out there since the last time the woman in white appeared. The moon was out making leaves glitter silver against the dark night. Jane was staying the night at she dorm she had a majour exam the next day and decided to study with some of the other students. Ken’s brother was sitting at they window I waved at him and he saluted me as if I was he damn commander or something, I wondered where he had went the days he was missing, some of the people and them in the village said he had gone to Cuba for military training but no one really knew, he moved away from the window waving at me then disappeared into the house. I stayed at me window watching the yauths go by they dark bodies casting shadows on the ocean the red lights on they masks looked like moving lighthouses. I walked away from the window and went to the bed leaving the window opened so the cool sea breeze could flow into the room. I dove onto me bed and was soon fast asleep.

Round three o’clock or so in the morning I was awaken by the sound of someone crying in the yard, I sat up in bed and listened for a while hoping that whoever it was they were just passing through. When the crying did not stop I got up and stumbled to the window and I looked round the yard, but saw no one, I called Ken’s name because sometimes he mother would lock the doors if he stayed out too late, damn woman had a strange way of disciplining she son. I got no response but the crying became more intense as if someone was experiencing some deep emotional pain or something. I leaned out as far as I could squinting me eyes to see better in the silver light when suddenly the crying stopped and a deafening silence followed. I was real puzzled, I mean, did I just imagine the whole damn thing? I was still half asleep and the cold breeze bit into me skin making it numb for a second. I began to close the window feeling a little silly, I mean, whoever it was must have left the yard.

I had almost got the window shut when I heard the propeller of a fishing boat going by its small engine labouring to carry its load of fish. I wiped a bead of sweat that trickled down me face and rubbed me fingers together puzzled, I mean it was a cool night, I did not feel hot why was I sweating? Then Like an electric jolt it hit me a hot flash that felt like someone had injected the sun’s rays directly into me veins, me stomach seemed to twist into knots and I inhaled hard trying to get air to me lungs. I looked down and saw the woman in white standing at the bottom of the window she arms outstretched she eyes twinkling in the moonlight. Before I could not stop meself I had one leg out the window and I was falling backwards the window disappear as the night seemed to turn to day for a second and then there was complete darkness.

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