Finally We win

The time, 1 pm, the place, on Grand Anse beach, under the blazing hot Caribbean sun, the event, the race between the brothers. It was me, Raphie and Desi. I don’t know how the chalange was made, but i remember a lot of, “Yuh tink you could be me?” “Boi ah go bust yuh arss real good,? “In yuh dreams nah boi,” Then there was standing up, and jogging in and flexing and stretching. Strutting and threats, Then the short sprints to really show off form. I was not going to have any part of this, i know i was not fast enough, but Raphie wanting someone he can talk trash too after the race, insisted that I join in. We got a little boy walking by to serve as starter. We all went down, “Ready, set goooo!” the boy screamed. Right away I saw the backs of my brothers. Desi had the lead, Raphie was trying to catch up. Their feet splashed into the ocean that rolled up on the beach and i found myself inhaling salt water. When the sea washed out of my eyes I saw the most imaculate thing ever. Raphie was gaining on Desi. oh the speed, the form, Carl lewis had nothing on this sprinterman about to pass Desi. i saw the strain in Desi of a man about to lose a race in the movements of Desi. i forgot i was part of the race and became Raphie’s cheer leader. “Beat he arss, Raphie, Beat he arss!” I screamed and in my excitement I realized I too was gaining on Desi. To my surprise just before the finish line, i found myself neck and neck with Desi, and as the angels sang I crossed the finish line before him. Oh the jubilation, the celebration, you would have thought Christmas came early, or the government had moved carnival up and we were dancing in the streets in the middle of June.  i tell you what, that was the last time we ever beat Desi in a race. He always came ready after that.

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