Image: Sunday


On a warm quiet Sunday, when the sun is setting, walk to the part of the beach, where the coconut tree hangs over the ocean. Scale up that tree, see the sun from in between the coconut tree branches. Pick the coconuts, let them drop into the clear blue under you. Watch the colourful fish dart in all directions, causing the ocean surface to sparkle with colour. Watch the water crinkle as small waves pan out in a perfect circle. Feel the heat from the dying sun soak into your back. Let go and plunge into the ocean, feels like the hug of a cool body on a hot summer day, hearing muffled sounds all around you. Standing up, the muffled hum slowly disappears as the ocean drains from your ear. Feel the trickle of water run down your body, and the cool tickle of the slight breeze that sweeps across the beach. Stop looked around, it is just another Sunday on the island.

2 thoughts on “Image: Sunday

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