From Disorganized Crime, one of the new projects

Vince sat on a park bench throwing bread at the pigeons, they surrounded him, fighting for the scraps, a pregnant woman pushing  a stroller with a small baby, while holding a toddler’s had walked by. The child looked at Vince he smiled, then looked away and kept walking. A man in a cheap gray suit walked over to Vince and sat down, he was looking around as if making sure no one had followed him,

                “Good afternoon officer,” Vince said with mock respect, the man kept looking around as he spoke. He was skinny with a dark complexion, brown hair, and shifty eyes

                “That’s detective to you, now what the hell do you want?” He grumbled, Vince chuckled,

                “What is your rush Pete, can we do a little catching up first?” Vince said, the detective sighed and looked around, but said nothing,

                “How is the family, little Pete, is he doing any better?” Vince asked, the police shifted in his seat uncomfortable, he did not want to talk about his son with this criminal, but he had no choice,

                “The doctor said he is responding well to the treatments,” he said looking right then left.

                “Now that’s great news, no one should lose a child,” Vince said. The detective almost spoke out loud, who did this animal think he was, how many sons and daughters had he killed. The detective wished he had never gotten involved with this monster, too late; now the money was used to pay for his son’s many medical bills,

                “What do you want Vince?” he insisted,  using his thumb and index finger to wipe the sides of his mouth, Vince looked at him, that blank stare transfixed on the policeman.

                “I need you to help me find someone,” Vince said, the detective looked over his shoulder then back at Vince,

                “What do you have?”  He asked, Vince hesitated,

                “Not much, but I do know he is African and big and lives in the vicinity of Broad street,” Vince said, throwing a handful of bread crumbs at the pigeons. The detective looked around,

                “May I ask why you want this man?” he asked then stopped, “Never mind I don’t want to know,”

                That’s best my friend,” he finally said. Vince looks at him for a second without saying anything.  The detective wanted to reach over and slap handcuffs on the criminal, but this was a relationship based on preservation, he needed Vince as much as Vince needed him.

                “Is that it” The cop asked, Vince looked at him a little disappointed, he wanted to talk to the cop, find out more about him, still the cop did not want to talk, Vince knew that this flat foot thought he was better than him, but Vince knew he had control of this man, and how he loved having control, if the cop tried to take him down he too was going to go down.

                “That is it,” Vince said and the cop got up and walked away. Vince sat there looking around then got up and walked down the stoned path. He walked by a bench with a black man and a beautiful white woman chatting, the woman had brown hair neatly cut just past her shoulder, she was a classic beauty, her teal t-shirt hugged her body accentuating her perfect shape, her brown hair twinkled in the sunlight, her eyes danced as she smiles.  They both looked at Vince at the same time and the woman said hello, revealing her perfectly white teeth. Their eyes locked for a second and Vince mumbled a racial slur, they seemed to have heard him because the black man shot him an evil glance. Vince thought to himself, must be a foreigner, those bastards need to go back home and take their monkey loving friends with them.

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