Image: The Shadow and the Confession

Sunday morning Andre got up, got ready and went to church with his mother. They arrived at the church and as soon they walked through the doors his mother turned to him,
“O K, now go to confession, may be the fada could help you,” Andre hesitated, but his mother put her hand on his back and gentle pushed him towards the confessional. Andre walked into the box and sat down,
“Boi you sweating for so,” The Shadow said.
“Don you have no respect, dis ah church,” Andre said as he parted the curtains to the confessional and peeped inside,
“Me, I ein fraid of man or God,” The Shadow responded.
‘Don say a damn word in here, yuh hear me,”
‘Who yuh tink yuh is talking to eh?” The Shadow said. The priest walked into the other side of the confessional and sat down, then gave the sign of the cross,
“Forgive me fada for ah may have sinned, it have been six months since ah gave me last confession” Andre said as he did the sign of the cross. The priest was silent for a second,
“Well son, what is your sins?”
“I don have no sin fada,”
“Everybody have sins son, now tell me what are yours.”
“I don have no sin fada.” Andre repeated. The priest sighed.
“Then what is it your mother told me about you fighting in school?”
“He started it fada, he beat me up,”
“Son, one should always turn the other cheek,” the priest said.
“But fada, de bible also say an eye for an eye,” the priest was silent.
“Boy, are you being smart, now go ahead and confess your sins this instant.
“Ohh de man in de dress is getting vex for so,” The Shadow said.
“I told yuh to shut up,” Andre hissed,
“What was that you said young man?” the priest asked
“Notten fada,”
“She want it, give it to she,” The Shadow started singing a dirty calypso song,
“Shut yuh mouth,” Andre said,
“Young man, remember you are in the house of the lord. Be respectful or I will have your mother punish you,”
“Sorry fada,”
“Now tell me your sins,”
“I kissed Mr. Jones daughter, put me hand down she pants den smell me fingers,” the shadow said snickering, Andre could not help it, he giggled.
“Young man what is so funny?”
“Notten fada,”
“Now go ahead, tell me your sins and you will be forgiven,”
“I don have no sin fada,”
“Yuh go let dat ole white man talk to yuh like dat?” The Shadow said,
“Fada I said I don have no sin, wah yuh want me to say?”
“Son you know that fighting is wrong, you hurt someone, and that is a sin, you have to confess to receive forgiveness.”
“Fada, he hit me first,”
“It does not matter; confess your sins now,”
“Bonjay, de ole white man getting real vex now, yuh go get it,” The Shadow said
“Keep you trap shut!” Andre yelled,
“Young man that is no way to talk now confess,”
“Ohhh, don let him talk to yuh like dat, give him a piece of yuh mind,” the shadow said. Andre hesitated for a second,
“Wey the fuck fada, I say I din sin, why de fuck you trying to make me say I did?” There was silence as the stunned priest tried to collect himself,
“Oh he real vex now,” The Sadow said,” the priest came out of his side, pulled the curtain on Andre’s side and yanked him out,
“Filthy mouth, come I will take you to your mother.” The priest took Andre by the ear and dragged him over to his mother.
“We need to talk,” he said.
“Go wait over dey,” His mother said pointing to the door. Andre walked away hanging his head. He saw his mother’s mouth drop open with shock, then she stormed over to him, her hazel eyes twinkled with anger.
“Ohhh yuh in deep doo doo now,” The shadow said,

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