Aside: The Devil Got Him

So here I was, hanging out with the fallas and them. We were sitting on a wall outside a house down by the True Blue Highway. We were passing around a joint, and I was feeling nice for so. After we were all nice and toasty, we were just sitting there watching a car dive by when Scarecrow came up with a plan for action for the night. He jumped off the wall real excited, “Hey mon, leh me tell you wah we could do,” then he stopped talking, as if he lost whatever he was about to say in that ganja clouded head of his. “Wah you saying mon?” Another one of the boys said, “I know wah we could do,” Scarecrow blurted out, “We could go to dat new church down de road,” He said, I laughed and said “Boi, I man eh going to no church blazed up nah.” “Wey you fraid of eh, is church not hell, plus, I hear dey have plenty ah nice girls down day, I always wanted me a church girl  yuh know,”  We all started to laugh, I mean I was raised Catholic so I never had any dealings with them Protestants and them, “Man I do know bout dis, I hear dey jump around like dey doing Voodoo in dey,”  I said, “boi, yuh fraid too much you know, all I know is plenty ah nice girl go be dey you hear, so leh we go,” Scarecrow insisted. After a little while we all agreed to go. So here we were, walking down the dark True Blue highway, four blazed up young men, on their way to church.

So we got to the church, it was real small, there were no more than twenty people in there. We snuck in trying not to draw attention to ourselves and sat down in the back of the room. They were singing, real quiet, I thought, this was not so bad. Then the preacher started preaching, at first he was calm, but as he went on he got more animated. He was preaching that fire and brimstone I used to hear my friends talking about. He screamed that as sinners we would go to hell, and I don’t know if it was because I as high or what, but I swear that man was talking directly to me. A sinner, sitting in church high as a kite. His words echoed in my head like a voodoo drum beat. Then he started talking about the end of the world and how the moon will turn blood red, and the Anti- Christ will rain terror on the sinners. I was shaking, I mean I was used to catholic mass, no yelling, just a bunch of words in Latin. All of a sudden, the preacher yelled something, the congregation went wild, they were speaking in some strange language that I knew was not Latin. They were spinning around and screaming “Amen,” That really confused me, all the people with they hands in the air, prancing, spinning. I could not take it anymore, I walked out of that building like the devil was on my heels. I walked out into the dark night, thinking I had to go to confession the next day. The moon was out, it was nice and quiet. When I got a distance away from the church, I lit up a joint I had in my pocket, as if I needed to be any higher than I was. I walked up the street to my house and for some reason looked up at the moon, as god is my witness, I swear the bloody moon was red. I panicked, I mean what the hell, that damn preacher just said, when the world is coming to an end the moon will turn blood red. I did not know if I should walk or run. My heart was racing up, I expected to hear trumpets, the sky opening up, thunder and lightening. I started to pray, “Oh god, if you take me with you, I promise I go never smoke weed again,” It was a strange mixture of Catholic quiet praying mixed in with what I just heard, that did not help, I did not feel any different, just really really high.

I got home, ran into the kitchen and there was Mommy Charles pouring herself a glass of lime juice. I was real happy to see her, because I know if  Mommy Charles did not get caught up, then the world must not be ending. She walked by me, Hey Andatoo,” she said, giving that look, you know that look that you think you see when you high around your mother, that look that says, I know what you been doing. I remember saying to myself, “Damn I have to stop smoking so much damn ganja,”

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