Image: The Ligaroo King (From the nove Obeah)

The Ligaroo King (From the nove Obeah)

From the dark, behind the throne, an imposing figure walked out of the jungle and stood in front of it. His head and face had completely transformed into a wolf, His shoulders were broad, and his muscles were twice as big as Donkor’s. His teeth curved down like fangs, and they were so big it seemed his mouth was unable to be all the way closed. He held a sword in his right hand as he stood and looked around. He still wore his captain’s uniform,, only the tunic was cut off at the sleeves. There were medals on his lapel, and on his head was the captain’s hat tilted to the side, too small to cover his massive head. His pants were cut off at the knees, barely able to contain his muscular legs. He was barefoot and his toes looked human, but had long nails that curved downwards. Akosua turned to the others. Her heart pounded so hard her vision blurred with every beat.

“That’s the Ligaroo King,” she said, more to herself than to her friends. She turned back and looked at the beast. He had sat down on the throne. More Jumbies walked into the clearing, and soon it was filled with the living dead singing and dancing, their expressions blank, as if they were forced to participate. The Ligaroo King stood up and raised his hand with the sword. The crowd became silent, some rocking back and forth. He lowered his sword and began to speak,

“As I stand here talking to you, the little witch and her friends are out there somewhere with an evil plan to attack and destroy us. They believe they can come to our island and rescue their people. Steal our slaves and make them free.” He shouted, stopped, and looked around, then let out a bellowing laugh. It roared through the jungle causing some animals to retreat with fear, the crowd rocked back and forth, the shadows from the light moved on their faces.
“Baron Samedi has informed me of their presence, he says they are prepared to fight till they get what they want, freedom, but little does she know we are prepared for them. So little Obeah Woman, I know you are out there, show yourself, let us see if you and you good spirits can defeat us,” he shouted. Akosua turned to the others, Ampah and Kwao looked at her. She did not say anything. She turned back to the Ligaroo King. He threw his head back and laughed.

“Just like I thought, maybe you need some incentive,” he said and waited. It was strangely quiet especially with the amount of people that was in the clearing. The he turned and growled into the dark.

“Bring the sacrifices out!” His voice boomed. Out of the dark, from behind the throne, the little woman and her friends led Akosua’s and Ampah’s mothers into the clearing. Akosua gasped at the sight of her mother. Her dreadlocks were cut off, and her bald head shined in the light form the torches. She wore a tattered white dress and moved like the walking dead, her eyes vacant. The morbid procession stopped in front of the Ligaroo King. The beast looked down on them, and then took a step towards Ampah’s mother. The woman did not move, she stood, not even looking at him, a defeated expression on her face. He placed his sword back in his belt, then reached out and caressed Ampah’s mother’s face. Ampah moved like he was going to run into the clearing, but Akosua touched him, and he stopped, his whole body shook.. Akosua turned and looked at the Ligaroo King and his captives. The beast had sat back on his throne.

“Sit them down there,” he said, pointing to two chairs that a Ligaroo had brought into the clearing. The Little people poked at the women, as they followed them, jumping and giggling all the way. They danced and raised their hands above their heads, as if thanking the Loas for their good fortune. Akosua turned to her friends,
We will rescue them once the Ligaroo and his friends have evoked the evil spirits and is deep in their trances,” she said. Ampah stood an impatient expression on his face.

“Don’t worry Ampah, they only sacrifice when they are satisfied that the evil Loas will accept their offerings,” she said, resting a reassuring hand on Ampah’s shoulder. He nodded, visible trying to contain himself. Akosua turned back to the Ligaroo King and his followers. They had lit the bonfire. Some of the congregation was dancing around it, their bodies twisted into positions that otherwise would be impossible, their eyes rolled around until only white was showing.

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