Pelted With Eggs

Last night I was unable to sleep so I thought of boyhood days. Back on the island, because it was always hot, sometimes we would take our showers outside. One sunny day me brother was outside, splashing water on himself, singing a calypso song at the top of his lungs. “Juck me juck me, all wey ah turn, juck me juck me it really cawn done.” Birds flew away frightened by the wailing, dogs howl in fear, cows mooed some kicking their back legs, the chickens in the coup clucked ferociously wings flapping. I stood, hiding behind the door, a bowl with a dozen eggs in it in hand, stalking him, an evil grin on me face, . He stopped, did a little dance, belted out his best James Brown scream, then began drying himself off. I waited, struggling to contain me giggles. When he was dry he walked towards the door. I jumped out eggs in hand and splat, nailed him in the head with an egg. Yoke streamed down his head “Wey de hell mon!” he screamed. He started to come at me, but I launched another egg at him, he tried to duck, too late, the egg exploded on his chest. He was persistent, he rushed forward, his eyes red with anger, his teeth gritted with determination, I pelted another egg, this time it landed square on his nose, he abandoned his pursuit and ran for cover. I attacked unloading a dozen eggs. he was screaming, “I go tell Mamie, you go get it!” But that did not stop me, I went for a bag of flour, but stopped because I know Mamie would bust my tail. The cat and mouse game went on well into the night, when the sun went down, and the air was cooler and by island standards it was freezing out. Don’t worry, me brother got his revenge, hmmmm, another story to tell.

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