Rudebuoyz radio show tonight

Rudebuoyz radio show tonight

When the darkness fall on Saturday night, and all the party goers are preparing for a night of festivities, somewhere in the hills of West Virginia, there is music, calypso, soca, hip hop, reggae, soul, R&B and yes, lets not forget the Rudebuoyz Rant. On 88,1 fm and on the web Ahhhh yes tune in for night time fun, The Rudebuoyz Radio show. Bllllllloooooooooodddddcccclllaaarrttt dem boi and dem at it again. 10 pm to midnight.

Jab Jab From the novel Obeah

The mountaintop echoed with crunches as they landed on the white earth. Kwao hesitated, his back to the Jab Jabs. One of them hurled his body at Kwao and disappeared into him. The boy stumbled forward onto the white ground. He turned and looked at Akosua and stretched his arm out. At first he looked like he was pleading for help, but instead, his expression changed into a menacing stare. Without saying a word he raised his machete and charged at her. Donkor raised his machete just as Kwao brought his down. The sound of metal against metal echoed loudly. Kwao raised his machete again and Donkor stepped back and blocked Kwao’s swing with his machete. Donkor stumbled back leaving Akosua exposed to Kwao’s attack. The boy lunged at Akosua, ash exploded from his mouth. Akosua looked into his eyes it was turning red. His tongue was stretched out; it was slowly changing from pink to red. The change started from the tip of his tongue, and soon his whole mouth was red. Slowly, he began to turn an ashy colour, the change going up his arm to his body. Akosua prepared herself for his charge, but before he got to her Adofo had wrapped his arm around Kwao from behind. Kwao struggled, his eyes completely red, his tongue had turned into blood red and the upper half of his body was ash coloured. He continued to struggled and almost escaped Adofo’s hold, but Donkor had rushed over and grabbed him. Suddenly his whole body jerked and he leaned forward and threw up violently. Grey bile spilled out of his mouth, and the white ground melted as the grey liquid landed on it. Kwao staggered and stumbled backwards as Adofo and Donkor struggled to hold him up. Akosua walked up to him, the bile bubbled on the white ground fizzed, then disappeared. Akosua touched his face and he opened his eyes. She reached into her sack and pulled her Aron. She shook it over Kwao’s head, its sound echoed with the sound of the wind in the trees. Slowly, Kwao began to look like himself again. The red in his eyes dissolved, as puffs of ash floated out of them. His tongue returned to a healthy pink hue as he coughed out ash. The skin on his arm moved as if the ash was rolling around right under it. It trailed down his arm then escaped through the tips of his fingers in small puffs of ash.. He straightened up and looked around.

“What happened?” he asked, Akosua put her Aron back in the sack.

“You were possessed by the Jab Jab,” she said. She turned and looked at the others; they were all facing the Jab Jabs anticipating an attack. The demons stood, as if stopped by an invincible wall, their red eyes wild, and their tongues hanging out of their mouths.

When Time Falls

When Time Falls

When the leaves cover the sidewalk, and floats down onto the benches, and onto the hoods and roofs of cars, and everywhere the world is covered with brighter earth tones that shifts with the wind, the cool wind that tickle your skin as the air grows colder by the hour. And you tremble a little, and sniffs the cool air, you realize it is the beginning of the season when time falls.

Easter is Kite time

Easter is Kite time

Easter, what a fun time, what with the cross buns, the beach parties, and yes, the procession that the Catholic church put on. The children would wear white and the priest would be at the head of the procession, swinging what looked like an ern with smoke bellowing out of it. I never really understood all of it, but hey, it was fun to watch. However, the best part of Easter is the kites, I tell you what, we used to make some real fancy kites so we could outdo each other. We would use the center of the coconut leaves, you know, the part like a thin stick in the middle of a coconut leaf, well we called that a flex, and that is what we make our kites with. Man you should see the colourful paper we used on them kites, real pretty for so. I mean yellow, red, green, blue, white, I mean the whole sky will light up with colours. Some of the older boys used bamboo to make their kits, they would make them real big too, I remember being at the pasture and a big boy had his kite up in the air, it was soaring I tell you, anyway he asked me to hold it for him and before you knew, it I was being dragged across the pasture, damn kite was to big for me to handle, I was screaming real loud. my mouth opened so wide I felt the wind blowing in there. So picture this, skinny needle thin boy, sliding across the field, and a group of ten boys running after screaming. We would have kite fights, the tail of our kites would be made from torn up sheets, every year Mommy Charles used to warn us not to use she good sheets, anyway, we put razor blades on the kites tail and try to cut each others string with it, boy I tell you, a lot of fist fights resulted from the kite fights. but boy we had fun, running in the pasture with the kites following, yanking on the string so your kite will dance in the wind for a second, then dipped, looking like a bull about to attack. Then when it was all over, you could save the frame of the kite until next Easter came along.