Good Marning Neighbouroooooo

This marning, I will walk to a far away place, where the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle is not heard, and mother nature is enjoying the peace that comes to the earth when there are no human beings around. I will find a path, where the leaves rain down on the inviting trail, so I can take a walk on a rainbow created by the season.

Dream Lunch

Oh yes, crab, bubbled down with some calaloo, and if you want some green figs (bananas) some yam, Tanya, all seasoned up and yes lets not forget the pepper. Ohhh I can feel my stomach rumble, I can almost taste of the tropics. I can just dream of taking a place of it and sitting in my veranda and listen to the neighbours comment about the heavenly aroma coming from my house. Back off you vultures, this crab and calaloo is all mine.

Good Marning me fellow Beach Bums

Monday is still beach day. Don’t you want to feel the cool, tropical ocean hug you this marning. Ohhh yes, don’t deny. You want to feel your feel sink into that white sand. Fell the sun one your skin, taste that early morning mango juice. Hear someone playing a steel drum across the bay. Hear the chatter and laughter of school children walking to school. Oh yes, you can tell me you don’t, I just will not believe you. Now go on, wake up and live.

Spreading the Love

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Its Sunday Marning me Neighbours

Its Sunday Marning, time to get up and take a walk in the flower garden in the back yard. Watch the bees fly around, buzzing, sucking up nectar from the core of he flower. Ahhh yes, all these different scents, its like there is a carnival of aroma in your nose. Sit on the dew covered grass, feel the cold crystal water soak through the thin material of your pants. Smell the smoke from the farmer next door as he burn the shrubbery from his early morning weeding of his patch of corn. Listen to the rooster crow in the valley just behind the house. Oh yes, nothing like a tropical Sunday marning. Its time to wake up and live.