49th Installment of La Diablesse

She stepped towards me the tray outstretched in front of she. I braced meself as she stopped just in front me and lifted the cover on the tray, sitting on it was a manique, blood ran out of its mouth of the rat like rodent and the damn thing was still twitching not yet dead I almost threw up, I mean the bloody thing stunk like hell. I stepped back in horror and turned me head, she attacked at that moment grabbing the half dead rodent and shoved it into me mouth. I gagged as the fowl smell of the dying animal permeated the air. I kicked at she and me foot slammed against she stomach, she fell backwards laughing, she eyes rolling round in they sockets. I caught the rodent before it hit the ground and attempted to throw it at she but in a last ditch effort to retaliate against its killers the smelly little beast bit into me hand, its teeth clamping down on me flesh like a vice grip, the last breath of life seeped out of its body and it went limp. I swung me hand round frantically and the rodent flew into the air landing at Christine’s feet.

“What, you don’t like my cooking?” She eyes flashed with anger as she ran towards me. We collided and fell backwards and landed with she sitting on top of me, she fists smashed into me face but I raised me arms deflecting most of the blows. She stopped hitting me and went into a rambling speech that was hard to follow.

“Death is a high price to pay for freedom, I was still young, so much living to do. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I still have an eternity to do anything I want and imagine my fury when I realize that the Gods wanted to stop that. I praise Erzulie Danto; she has shown me the light, set me free, power is strength, physical strength, just ask any living man but here you can’t tell us what to do, we have the power both physical and psychological you are at my mercy now and I intend to enjoy every moment of every last breath you take.” She sat up straight she eyes closed she chest moving up and down as she tried to savour every element of the moment, then without looking at me she spoke again.

“When you bleed it will be the blood of a million men!” having said that she stood up and kicked me in the chest with she hoofed leg, pain shot through me and me stomach knotted up as I vomited. I felt meself being dragged out of the cave me head bumping off the sandy surface.

I was dragged into the hole where I head Christine and the leader talking, there was a torch at the entrance and one sitting on a stand in the middle of the room. Three La Diablesse was in the chamber, they voices humming with excitement they waist long hair swaying in the breeze, they faces half hidden by the inadequate light from the torch. One of them came forward, fell on me and covered me mouth with hers sucking hard as if trying to extract the life from me. As I struggled to breathe I felt hands reaching down ripping the cloths off of me. I lay there, she kisses smothering, she long fingernail ripping at me flesh. In the midst of all the pain and confusion I had what seemed to be a vision. What would happen if I never return to the outside world? How would my mother deal with me just disappearing? Who would be better now to teach the students bout they heritage. I thought of Jane I wanted to live long enough to get to know she more and suddenly I wanted to fight back I wanted to do everything I could to escape this hell. The La Diablesse was lying on top of me trying to position sheself to have she way with me, but with all the strength I could muster I curled me feet up until me knees were on she chest, man I tell you what, that woman was strong for so, I mean, she fought me all the way a puzzled look on she face. I pushed she off me, I pushed so hard she went straight up as if she was getting to she feet, she stumbled and slammed into the other La Diablesse knocking them down with she momentum. I gathered meself and ran to the exit of the hole stopped and looked in both directions trying to figure which way to go. I looked to me right and saw a glimmer of light in the distance and I ran towards, finally I was going to escape from this bloody nightmare, that’s it man, run, do not look back.

We Marched

In the streets we marched, our voices echoed through the small city. Drowning out the seagulls squawking over the ocean, the ocean crashing against the retaining walls, the loud music from the minibuses. We marched, defiant, the youth determined to take the island future into our own hands. invincible, strong, united. We marched, remembering the past, the struggles of our ancestors, the blood, the tears as they seek freedom from the colonists.  We marched, for the present, to change the way things are, the political corruption as we saw it, out with the old, in with the new. We marched, for the future, we wanted change, we wanted power, we wanted to control our destiny. Forward Ever, Backward Never. We chanted, hoping the world would hear, hoping they would take notice, and they did. With the wrath of military might, they came down, pounding up into submission.  Now here we are, did we go backwards, did we go forwards, or are we stuck in the middle, up is down and down is up, waiting, waiting so we can march again, so we can chant again, and maybe this them, they will listen and hear, that freedom is free.

The Taxi Driver

Yesterday I took the taxi from the grocery store to my place. This time, they were surprisingly quick in getting there, usually it would take them an hour or so. I packed my groceries in the trunk and sat in the back seat of the cab, because there is more room back there, and we took off. The first words out of the driver was, “What part of Kenya are you from?” I guess I looked like Obama’s relative or something. Anyway, I told him I was from Grenada and he stated he had never been to the Caribbean, and then immediately went in stories about his special forces covert adventures in South America. He stated he remembered having to go in after , and this is his words not mine, “These stupid Christian missionaries,”  who would go into rebel territories to preach and would get kidnapped.  He stated it was simple to find them, they would call the rebels and ask them where they wanted something delivered, then they would follow the delivery, kill the rebels, and rescue the captives. I thought his story telling was done but noooo. He told me that once they were in Africa chasing some Muslim extremist when they got lost. They had walked for days when they came upon a primitive tribe. He stated that “The Natives” were very friendlyand were happy to see them and were more excited that they had guns, you see a hippopotamus was terrorizing the village, even killing some of the livestock. The chief of the tribe told them that they would give them directions on how to get out of the jungle, but first, they must kill the menacing beast. They obliged, but after killing the beast and they tried to leave ‘The Natives” insisted that they stay and feast on the hippopotamus. When they were almost done eating, they were told that their captain had unknown to them chosen to get the tongue of the hippopotamus, he said that it was not bad eating. Luckily for me, we pulled up in front of my place, I had to tell him where to turn because he had passed the turn off. He was so engrossed in his story that he drove past my place and had to retract. I got out of the cab, got my food and he looked out and smiled, “Have a good day sir.” He said, and thus ended another taxi ride with a very strange conversation. .

Stormjy West Virginia Skies

Blown out of a bubble ring

Like grey cotton candy plumes

Silver lining from foreboding dark 

Crystalized heaven from ash

Like a water filled plastic bag

Waiting for a kid to shoot it

But for now, tiny drops fall

A child’s tear droplet on the parched grass

Then the winds came

The grey separated

Cotton balls against the dark sky

Out of Element

I walked away with my soul questioning my common sense

And as she disappeared in the distance

I was a butterfly turning into a caterpillar

A Zebra with spots, a bird that dives to the bottom of the ocean

A man with legs for arms.

I felt like i had dove into the ocean

But was swimming in outer space

And as i walk away, i knew i was walking on quicksand

But i was stepping on the surface live Jesus walking on the ocean





48th Installment of La Diablesse

“Hello little man,” Christine said reaching down and touching me face. She laughed throwing she head back, the other La Diablesse joined in she devilish glee.

“At last it is my turn,” she wrapped she fingers round me neck and forced me to get to me feet, I grabbed she hands as she slowly lifted me off the ground.

“I could kill you now, but no, you and me we should have our own ceremony,” and she threw me to the ground and ordered the other La Diablesse to follow she and they walked out of the cave laughing. I got to me feet and walked over to the Alter and lay there trying to catch me breath, I had not set a plan for an escape and now the only hope I had was to take any opportunity when I saw it.The rest of the day was uneventful. As the night approached I got off the alter and positioned meself at the far end of the cave away from the entrance. No one came to light the torches the only light came from the stars that twinkled in the sky and whenever a shadow moved in the pale silver light I tensed up anticipating an attack. Me whole body was shaking and beads of sweat rolled down me face getting into me eyes. After bout an hour of standing in the dark I became tired and sat down and like a damn fool I fell asleep.

I woke up when I heard breathing next to me and I peered into the darkness trying to see who or what was there. The breathing was slow and there was a slight moan with it, the cave suddenly grew colder causing chill bumps to pop out all over me body, I shivered a little as the breathing faded away into the darkness and I slumped into the sand exhausted, I tried not to fall asleep but I could not keep meself from drifting off. I did not dream they had stopped soon after the ceremonies begun now me nights were filled with darkness occasionally interrupted by shadows that danced round in white flashes.

I woke up shaking the cave was real frigging cold, raindrops fell from the opening hitting me skin like small pellets of ice. I stood up and looked round the sky was still dark and the rain seemed to appear out of the night pounding down on the sand. Water lodged itself in me ear deafening me for a second, I stuck me finger in me ear and realized that a piece of ice was stuck in there, suddenly another splash of water hit me face and what felt like small rocks bounced off me skin causing a painful chill to run through me making me body go numb. I lifted me hands in front of me ready to defend meself, there was a menacing chuckle and then Christine’s voice laughing. Someone lit a torch and

when I saw Christine and another La Diablesse standing in front of me, she was holding a bucket in she hand a big grin on she face as she pointed to the Alter, there was a tray sitting on it.

“Eat, you will need you energy!” she shouted. I did not move me fists clinched in a tight ball. She looked at me smiling,

“What, don’t you trust me don’t you want to eat something?” The other La Diablesse standing behind she snickered she eyes flashing with twisted joy. She went to the Alter moving with such grace she seemed almost human, picked up the silver tray and glided towards me tray extended, it was covered with a lid that looked like a half moon kind of frigging gentile for theses beasts

“Come on my friend, this meal is you last supper, just like the one I got right before those French colonists took me to the gallows and hung me for running for my freedom. I feel your fear, I understand that tightening in the chest, and your heart racing so fast it feels like it would explode in your face, that dryness in your mouth even though you are sweating a river. The best part is right before death, your heart races up as if trying to pump life into your dying body. I remember that night in my dreams every damn day, the faces of those rich devils as they laughed and sang because the uncivilized bitch was about die the sound of the crowd when they paraded me through the streets, the rocks that came out of the dark hitting me in the head the screaming women who were the wives of plantation owners who forced me to be their mistress. But I had the last laugh, because I died and found my freedom. So be a man, free yourself from your mental slavery, eat this last meal so you will have the strength to go onto the other side.”

I took a step back.