Chocolate Yum

As a child, it was fun to go to the Northern part of the island. un through the cocoa tree barefoot. Through the valley and end on at the steam. Sit on a rock, stick my feet into the cool water, hear the wind whip through the cocoa trees, daydream as I stare into the crystal water trickling does around my feet. Listen to the workers somewhere in the rows of trees. Oh the scent of the forest, how it would linger.

Space and Time

Where there is space, time is ticking away

Slow like cotton in a gently gust

Sometimes stagnant like a puddle in a pothole

Sometimes winding, a surprise around each space

Space makes room for no man

And no man can truly control space








From Disorganized Crime

“What is it Ramon?” he asked, his voice a husky growl, Ramon started talking, but a girl no more than eight years old ran by outside the door chasing a cream coloured poodle, Ramon shook his head, this house had more animals than the African Jungle. Ramon reached over and closed the door; his big meaty hands looked like it could crush a man’s skull.     

                “Well?” The man in the suit asked, his dead eyes shifted a little,

“Have you heard from The Exterminator?” he asked. Ramon shifted from one leg to the next as if afraid to answer, but before he did the phone rang, the man in the suit answered,

                “Hello.” Then he waited. “Is it done?” Ramon was rocking from one foot to the next.

                ”Big monkey what big monkey?” He listened.

                “I know what you should do, clean the shit up and get back with me.”………. a puzzled look covered the man in the suit’s face.

                “Of course it was the right apartment; you are the one that fucked up.”……….

                “What the fuck is going on there, hello, hello.” He listened; a look of angry replaced the puzzled expression.

“Who the hell is this?” He screamed

                I don’t know you, what the hell is your name, and where the hell is my man?” The man said then waited.

                “You are one dead monkey,” The man in the suit was really angry now, his face was so red he looked like a volcano about to explode.

                “Who the hell do you think you are, you don’t threaten me, I could have your balls fed to the pigeons in the park!” The man screamed spit flying out his mouth. He listened for a second then shouted,

                “Hello, Hello.”

Ramon stood looking at him, his eyes did not look dead anymore, they light up anytime he got angry, wanted someone dead, or when he get news that they were dead.

                “Hello, Hello!” He screamed into the phone. “Damn bastard.” He screamed and threw the phone against a shelf filled with books that no one ever reads. Roman stood looking at his boss.

                “That damn monkey threatened me, doesn’t he know who I am, I want that bastard dead!”